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How to Enjoy Real Sex with Life Size Dolls & Satisfy Your Needs

Everybody knows the pleasure of making love to a pretty girl. But, as time passes by, your exciting nights turn into boring ones, which in turn ruins your sexual life. However, sex dolls have evolved as an ideal way to add spice into the sexual life of both single and married men. If you are a married man, people may often discourage you from using the dolls; they will call it as a sin to have sex with the doll. However, it is ‘okay’ to involve into kinky activities with the doll. It’s simply a way to stay happy and boost your sexual life. Talking about the love making part; you already know how to do sex, where to insert and so on. So, it isn’t necessary to explain you the process of love-making. In case, you do not anything about it, it’s high time that you must watch a lovely porn video tonight.

Further, it shouldn’t be neglected that these erotic dolls are better than one night stands with real girls. So, don’t you feel that you should purchase a doll today to experience a mind-blowing love making session? Here are some tips or ways, using which you can use the doll in a perfect manner –

  1. Foreplay

Foreplay is generally the first step to build up romance in the room. However, since the doll is a non-living thing, you need not to turn her on for sex. But, if you want to make the most out the doll, you must imagine her as a real girl and try some unique foreplay techniques that will fill the aura in the room with lust and passion.

  1. Freedom to Choose the Hole

There are multiples of realistic life size sex dolls online, which come with three orifices – mouth, vagina and anus. Thus, men are generally very excited with the dolls, as they get the freedom to choose any of the orifices to pump their friend in and out. Most of the girls, do not like oral sex or anal sex. However, with the doll, you can insert deep into her, wherever you want.

  1. Sex Positions

Another way to make love to the doll is to try different types of sex positions that may be typical for a real girl to perform. You want to enjoy a real sexual pleasure with the doll. Hence, it is ideal to try a different position each time you plan to hop on to her. Some of the popular positions that you can try are – missionary, doggie style, reverse cowgirl, lap dance, spooning, woman on top, butterfly and much more.

So, what are you waiting for? The love doll is ready to give you a heavenly pleasure. Are you?

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