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Why Collecting Real Sex Doll Isn’t A Matter Of Lust, But Love?

If you are told that a man purchased a love doll and spent years and years of his life, without having sex with her; will you believe it? 95% of you would definitely not believe on this fact. The rest 5% will surely believe this, as they might have been practicing this, since they brought the doll, home. Surveys have found that doll collectors (the buyers who collect the dolls or purchase a single doll) love purchasing the dolls, not because of lust, but out of love. Hence, they keep her as a friend, without expecting any sexual benefits from the doll.

Here are some reasons as to why some buyers look at the dolls with pure love or respect and not lust –

  1. Destroyed Relationships

Relationships often do not move the way, as we them to move. Hence, they get destroyed in the middle, leaving the person heartbroken and depressed. In such a case, it is the doll that comes to rescue. All the frustrations, anger, sorrow and other such feelings can be flushed out on the doll. It basically helps you to eject all the negative things and be prepared to move on after a breakup.

  1. Loneliness

Loneliness is the biggest enemy of a human. It can completely cut the connection of the person from the outside world; push him towards depression and attract only the negative vibes from every person. Thus, people tend to buy different real sex dolls online, in order to curb their loneliness state. Whatever their reason be for being lonely, at least they have someone with whom they can spend time with.

  1. Crazy Love for Barbies

Believe it or not; there are some men around the world who love dolls, especially beautiful Barbies. Thus, they collect the dolls in huge number. This actually gives them a sense of pleasure and happiness. They stay happy, just by seeing a huge collection of the dolls in their home. They apply make up on them, beautify them and do other stuffs that make them beautiful.

  1. No Daughterly Love

Some men often do not have daughters or they live away from their daughters and family. In such cases too, men love to buy the doll and treat them as their lovely daughters. They love dressing them up, buying new clothes for them, going out for a movie and so on. This way, they take proper care of the doll, spend time with them and fulfill their needs of daughterly love and affection.

So, now you know that the love doll isn’t only for sex. Different buyers use the dolls to fulfill different types of their emotional attachments.

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