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Looking for the finest WM & ESDoll Sex Doll? ESDoll.ca has a wide variety of dolls for any budget and From TPE to silicone dolls, we have you covered. Browse our WM & ES Doll to inspire and impress from Canada.

Here at esdoll.ca, we want only the best for our customers and this comes from two simple core values: quality products and quality support. Buying a sex doll is a big commitment.

As a high-value item, we understand that these do not simply sex toys, these are long-term investments. This is why we offer a comprehensive SD Guarantee which protects our customers from buying anything other than the very best quality Canada sex dolls in perfect condition.

Our sex doll factory in Canada

Our sex doll factory in Canada



There are several things that differentiate us from anyone else. ESDoll.ca is about the customers first and foremost. We want to provide the best experience possible. We listen to our customer’s feedback intently and adjust our company accordingly. Customers have spoken and we have listened! We believe an individual’s sex life is extremely important and our motto is to ensure a healthy and happy life! Our company works on all aspects of the business from A-Z for one specific reason… to ensure you have the best quality and prices anywhere! To provide a worldwide distribution isn’t cheap, but we have built an infrastructure that will last for decades. Our customers speak on our behalf and word has gotten around that we offer great products and affordable prices. As with any business, our biggest compliment is the repeat business and referrals from our customers.


We understand that buying a love doll is a hugely personal decision that can signal an exciting addition to your personal life. However, we also understand that it may cause you some apprehension. We are experienced in the industry and are eager to help you find the perfect sex doll for your needs. Whether this is your first time purchasing this type of product, or you are looking for something to enhance your current selection, we offer an array of high-quality love dolls and are always looking to expand our selection. Our website was meticulously designed to provide a user-friendly experience and to share as much information and descriptions as possible to create an enjoyable shopping experience.



One of the big things with our Company’s policy is security and safety. Please be aware that you can shop and search with peace of mind knowing that our website is securely protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security. We understand the importance of being discreet and respect that. We also accept most major credit cards for payment as well as PayPal. In keeping with our commitment to discreetness, we don’t share or market your information to any outside parties and will always take all measures to protect your privacy. In addition, your package will arrive in a nondescript fashion and it won’t look like you even ordered a sex doll for your neighbors (unless they want to have fun with it too!)