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Three Reasons Why Do Men Like To Buy Realistic Sex Dolls?


Why do men like to buy realistic sex dolls? Why do they end up spending so much money on silicone & TPE dolls? Why do they substitute sex dolls for women? Here we present to you some quotes from some real owners of sex dolls on why they ended up buying an adult doll from sex doll shop.

The top three reasons that came out of all this are:

  • To have an improved sex life
  • To get companionship  and to get beat loneliness
  • To get satisfaction by engaging in a particular doll fetish.

“For myself, I am just done tiring myself of staying alone all the time. I have been living, my life by myself the entire time and I refuse to live the remainder of my life in this manner. I figured a fake girl is going to be better than having no girl in my life. Besides that, no girl that I may find out there will be any kind of the match as the kind of realistic sex doll that is being sold out there.”

“I just plain got tired of staying alone. Most of the females I used to go out with started getting pissed off when the racing season got here and I started going to work at the race cars for most of the weekends. And I am just sick and tired of all the games women play with their heads.”

“To me, it seemed as though the whole dating and marriage concept has turned into a kind of a death-trap for the males. No matter in what manner you try playing it, she will always be holding all the right cards and she is most likely to use them at some juncture. Dolls make up for a better sensible alternative because they meet all my needs to a large extent and keep the relationship sustainable”

“I had been married for twenty-five years, and a majority of the latter then years made up for the unhappiest part of my life, not that I am single again the last thing I need is a relationship. Lifelike sex doll does not complain, they are always there, and they never seem to have a pain in the head. Dolls win”

“I started out with using a latex-made balloon fetish when I was in my youth. It used to expand into the inflatable, then into silicone & TPE sex dolls. The dolls aren’t a substitute for any relationships; they are more for the fantast plays.”

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