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3 Tricks to Make Sex with Silicone Dolls Realistic Than Ever

Since the past few decades, the global sex doll industry has a huge demand for love dolls. Be it a mini doll or a complete life size doll, men are literally crazy for them and are buying them like clothes. This implies how passionate they are, for fulfilling their lusty desires with utmost satisfaction. But, as per recent surveys, few buyers have been found, who complain about incomplete satisfaction, obtained during the sexual intercourse with the doll. They told that their mind gets diverted, in between the session, as they fail to imagine the doll as a real girl, for long.

The dolls, lacking artificial intelligence cannot moan or respond to the kinky activities done by the man. Hence, they often feel distracted and dissatisfied. However, a buyer must understand the fact that the doll is a non-living being and getting distracted during the intercourse has nothing to do with the silicone sex dolls. It’s your own psychology that forces you to realize that you’re making love to a doll, and not a girl. So, what’s the solution?

To stop getting distracted, you must follow some tricks that will not just help you imagine the doll as a girl, but will also make the sex session very realistic and erotic –

  1. Start the Imagination & Be Serious

No need to giggle or laugh with the thought of making love to a doll. First of all, get clear in your head that the doll isn’t a doll; it’s a real girl. Now, be serious about how much you want her; how much you desire to penetrate in her body and so on.

  1. Begin the Foreplay

Now, when your mind and heart is filled with romance, passion and lust, you are all set to feel the doll and begin foreplay. Remember that your foreplay must be physical and intense. Think out different techniques that you would do to a real girl. Slowly slowly, move your fingers all over the doll’s body, explore her orifices, press her boobs and get yourself in an emotionally romantic mood.

  1. Music On; Lights Off

Another thing that you can try is thumping some sexy music with dim lights in the room. This is the ideal way to set yourself on fire and make love the doll in a rhythmic manner. If you want, you can also sing a naughty song for the doll and do dirty things to her.

Once you have performed all such activities, you will be at the peak of your excitement and finally make the love-making session realistic as never before. Your mind and heart will feel the doll as a girl and voila.. You will be pleased with an erotic sexual pleasure Buy for sure.


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